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Tucking into a surprise cake into expertise Amanda Rettke, a mother of five children from Minnesota, United States. So, Amanda was able to make a cake when it is cut in such a way to display a very unique visual effects.

In his latest book, Surprisenside Cakes, Amanda was sharing about how to make a cake cutting technique to start coloring with
.One of his
is a layer cake if cropped a rabbit face will show, complete with ear length.

in baking full of surprises, Amanda using one of two techniques of deconstruction and the method of grilling twice. Deconstruction technique is a technique that is able to provide a threedimensional visual effect in the middle of the cake.

How this can be done by carving the cake in such a way and then filled with cookie dough. Later, when the cake is baked, the motif will appear as sculpture.

method of grilling twice the intent is to make a few different cakes that later formed using moulds. Later, kue printed put cookie dough and baked, said Amanda page as reported by the Daily Mail.

Amanda first present to the public while releasing a food blog called I Am Baker, featuring the work of cake kejutannya on
over time Amanda is increasingly known for its uniqueness. Up to now, recorded more than 11 thousand customers follow her blog.

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Dragon fruit is a fruit that is widely consumed in many societies today. Besides it tastes sweet, the benefits contained therein made growing Dragon fruit is favored.
many societies Indonesia believe that Dragon fruit can cure a variety of ailments. Ranging from asthma, diabetes, diabetes, colon cancer, and cancer.
in addition to the skin, it turns out the flesh of the fruit turns out to have benefits for health. However, lack of knowledge regarding this makes Dragon fruit leather utilization has not been maximized.
based on those facts, a number of students from the Faculty of MATHEMATICS and NATURAL SCIENCES UNY IE Meta Luwitasari, Goddess of Noviana, Elfrida Inawati Mulyani, Ummi Hani, and Najih Sudrajad makes the skin of the fruit yogurt can decrease obesity.

according to Meta Luwitasari, obesity or overweight are more often found in the community. Many factors into the causes of obesity, one of which is an imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended.

therefore, to reduce the amount of waste the skin and add to the diversification of food in Indonesia, we make yogurt from the skin of the fruit, said Meta, Monday, May 19, 2014.
added that the Red Dragon fruit peels contain anthocyanin which is one of the antioxidant agents that Act to lower cholesterol levels.

from this we made the hypothesis that the skin of the fruit can also be menur

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Increasingly individualistic nature amidst the lush community. As a result, courtesy often neglected. But it can make the link between human well maintained.

A book author Woofs to the Wise, Mary m. Mitchell, revealed some of the etiquette that can be practiced by modern humans. Starting from how to open doors, elevators, and escalators.

He argued that open and holding the door for someone else does not necessarily always have to be put into practice. However, you should open the door when someone came up with a hand full of goods. In addition, you should also help open doors for those who use canes and wheelchairs.

the bottom line, he said, help anyone needing assistance regardless of gender. Next, Mary also revealed that its good to let a senior executive or an honored guest to reach the door and precedes you.

a while when you first enter elevators and was about to get off at the next floor one, you should be standing on the corner near the door. Then, you let others fill the space behind you.

but if you are standing right in front of the door and was about to go down in the most high came forth floor when the elevator stops at every floor. However, make sure you hold the door to keep it from closing. You can go back into the elevators when orangrang wishing to alight at the floor is out

D In Jakarta If Formerly The Most Popular Tradition Of Eating Fresh Seafoo

Seafood or seafood has always been a favorite food in Jakarta. If formerly the most popular tradition of eating fresh seafood is to visit the fish market at the mouth of the Angke malamalam, choose fresh ikankan direct, and then cooking and eating in one of the nearby restaurants, now a tradition of eating seafood is different again.

Eat lobster or crab or berbecekecek should not wait until the evening. Seafood served were still fresh.
dining options are pretty now and most of them are in the middle of the city. Within easy reach. Some place else now a trendy place where everyone is berlombaomba to try.

for those who want to enjoy seafood while also doing adventurous culinary compulsory visit tongkrongan the most ngehit seafood today. Located at Jalan Kebayoran Baru, Cikajang 32, Cut The Crab presents a unique way of eating.
as the name suggests, the presentation of the food ordered directly held on the desk without basaasi alias without the plate and let the crab or shrimp beat up enough orders by hand only.

there are a variety of seafood that can be attempted, such as crayfish, mussels, and various marine fish. But, true to its name, the crab is the mainstay of this restaurant.
For lunch, there are four different packages of lunch priced Rp75 thousand. But if you want to dine on seafood with satisfied, can choose a la carte menu which is certainly much more expensive.